Is there a Reason for Govt? 

Lincoln On Purpose Of Government

Advocates of liberty must oppose these schemes wholesale, and we must demand that politicians who want our support likewise reject them and promise never to support them again. When government seizes a person’s money, it thereby violates his property rights, which is wholly contrary to the government’s proper purpose of protecting his rights. And when government uses that money to “spur” the economy, it gives the money to someone who did not earn it, doesn’t deserve it, and may waste it.

Regardless of its origins in practical considerations or as a matter of “style,” the language actually chosen has important substantive consequences. “We the People of the United States” strongly supports the idea that the Constitution is one for a unified nation, rather than a treaty of separate sovereign states. The purpose of this site is to provide information from and about the Judicial Branch of the U.S.

Republicans are likely to retain control of the House, and if they manage to gain control of the Senate as well, they will have the opportunity to repeal ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank, and other disastrous laws and regulations, and to begin cutting federal spending. In the US, our personal freedoms are enshrined in the Constitution, the Constitutional Amendments, Constitutional Law, and several lesser laws that have been passed over the years. A primary role of the Department of Justice is to defend those freedoms on the behalf of the citizenry. When it fails, this becomes a non-governmental function of organizations like the ACLU. It is very, very difficult for smaller organizations to find the resources and willpower to handle things like large-scale disaster relief, for example.

This concept is called “sovereignty,” and it means that a group or country is free from outside interference. To carry out their sovereign duty, governments must protect their citizens and defend themselves against attack. In the past, this has been accomplished through the formation of military branches and strategic alliances.

In the United States, these rights, such as freedom of speech and the press, as well as individual liberties, are constitutionally protected by the Bill of Rights. On the federal level, actual protection is provided through the Department of Justice. Like the federal government, state governments do not need to pass a new law every year authorizing the state departments of revenue to collect. They continue to run as established until changes are approved, generally either through committee review followed by approval by the governor or a vote by the citizens. Certain states have constitutional restrictions on their authority to tax. For example, seven states have no individual income tax, while other states have caps on the taxes that can be levied, such as Proposition 13 in California, which limits real property taxes in California.

The unique position of the Supreme Court stems, in large part, from the deep commitment of the American people to the Rule of Law and to constitutional government. The United States has demonstrated an unprecedented determination to preserve and protect its written Constitution, thereby providing the American “experiment in democracy” with the oldest written Constitution still in force. Encouraging local business growth is a key activity of city government. Increasing business enterprises encourages employment opportunities and helps reinvest tax revenue in a community. Cities may grant special loans and offer tax incentives to entice new businesses to open in a community. Cities often have strategic zoning plans to control where new businesses can be built.

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